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Estancias de Chile is a Club of eight Estancias located in the Magallanes region, Chile, born from the need to position experiences in the tourism market that are diverse in their characteristics, but homogeneous in their concept. Each of the Estancias provides a singularity and specialization, which includes experiences as diverse as horseback riding, photographic safaris, exploration of nature and fauna, ranch life and culture, health and disconnection activities, etc. The eight ranches are: Cerro Guido, Pingo Salvaje, Parque Bahía Esperanza, La Península, Cerro Negro, San Luis, Baguales Glamping and La Leona.


Estancias de Chile develops experiences and circuits where sustainability and its circular tools are the key. “The commitment of the Estancias and their businessmen with the environment and the host society is of the highest value for this project. The development of activities in this region that do not consider the impact generated cannot be conceived. Our goal is to be more than a contribution, an example of a responsible destination.”

¡Welcome to the origin of Patagonia!

El Destino : Sobre nosotros
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